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Wedding Spa Salons in Houston TX Group Rates

Special Rate Offers for Spa Salons

Wedding spa services in Houston Tx have many perks prepared to keep customers coming in their place. The Houston spa provide discounts and many gift packs for the bride and groom to ensure that they will have customers in the season. This may not happen throughout the year, but most of the wedding spa salons in Houston Tx provide amazing group rates when you go as a group in their shop. A minimum of three and a maximum of 15 people is the usual number provided. The more the merrier so the more people you gather to go with you in the wedding spa service, the lesser the pay you are going to give.

This works out best because for example, you and your group will be availing the same wedding package provided. Each person availing the wedding package gains a reward point, plus discount. The reward points range from 10 (lowest package rate) to 100 (highest package rate). These points gained can be exchanged with other products sold in the spa salon such as massage ointments, pillows or gift certificates.

The number of points gained if gathered together will result to a huge amount in which everybody could get a special treat. The discounted prices that they provide would range from 5% to 30% discount rate. In peak seasons, the rates could drop at a very low amount so do not forget to grab this opportunity.

In wedding spa salons of Houston TX would usually cost about $100 to $500 depending on the salon and the package availed. Make sure that you have made a good decision in choosing the right package and the right salon you are in. Remember all the money you could save if you have spent time calculating the promos and points that you are going to get in the number of people that you can bring. After your relaxing spa, you can now schedule your photographer for your wedding pictorial.

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