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Traditional and Modern Wedding Cakes in New Orleans

Traditional VS Modern Cakes

For centuries, cakes play major roles in different parties and celebration. A special event will not be complete without cake. Traditional wedding cakes in New Orleans, LA are rich in flavors and taste compared to modern cakes. Basically, the traditional wedding cakes are more generous in terms of fresh ingredients such as eggs, milk, fruits and flowers.

The fruits and nuts in British wedding cakes symbolize fertility which is one of the most desired by newlywed couples. In Roman times, wedding cake is being crumbled over the head of the bride to symbolize fertility which the crumbs are being collected by the guests which serves them as the lucky charm.

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Wedding cake may serve as an important food in some countries and it also symbolize different things in a different culture. The actual cutting of the cake is a traditional ritual that is being done since it was first serve in the table and still being done in modern times. Modern and traditional wedding cakes in New Orleans, LA have a common denominator and it is the joining of hands of the couple in cutting the cake. It symbolizes the sharing of future. Click this over here now.

Sizes also evolved, traditional wedding cakes are round and flat but in modern times they may range from a single tire to towering height cake. Modern wedding cake is the signature of the couple of their wedding because the design and the flavor depend on their personality and preferences. Unlike traditional cakes, the modern wedding cakes are often used irregular shapes that is uncommon to traditional wedding cakes. Icing is very common for traditional wedding cakes but in modern times fondant is being used to decorate the cake together with the modeling chocolate to make this look stunning in the wedding photos.

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