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Today’s Top 3 Trends in NYC Wedding Photography

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Like any other form of industry, wedding photography in NYC has evolved and continues to evolve since it became a popular hobby and business for photographers. NYC wedding photography requires talent, skills and expertise, which also requires photographers to continue improving their tools and abilities.

Not surprisingly though, there are different trends of photography techniques that are commonly practiced by these individuals.

Here are three of the most popular photography practices that are on trend today.

First is the wedding photojournalism. This type of technique has been a vogue in the past decades. The main feature of this technique is that photographers capture special wedding moments without any direction or interference from the one capturing the photo. Technical wedding photojournalism doesn’t usually capture events outside the main wedding ceremony.

Second is the hybrid photography. This approach is basically a combination of traditional and journalistic techniques in photography. Hybrid photography focuses both on the documenting of the wedding day and other events, before and after, the wedding day. This usually includes formal and semi-posed photographs of the couple and other family group photos.

Third is the fashion approach. This photography technique is inspired by high-end magazines like Cosmopolitan, Vogue, GQ and the like. Fashion-approach photography aims to make the couple’s fantasies of their wedding come into reality. In other words, this approach focuses on the programs and tools to make the couple looks great and at their best on their wedding day.

What style is best for you is for you to decide. Though oftentimes, the choice of the wedding photographer depends on the details the wedding couple wants to be seen in these photos. Regardless of your taste, make sure to know the popular trends in wedding photographer in New York and be guided properly.

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