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Titanium Rings, The Good, The Bad, The Strong for Your Engagement in Fresno CA

Titanium Rings, The Good, The Bad, The Strong for Your Engagement

Finding the right metal for your engagement ring is going to be rough if you are on a budget. When we talk about affordable engagement rings in Fresno CA, only one metal comes to mind, and that is titanium. Known for its strong durable properties titanium rings are a good pick for active couples that use their hands a lot. But are titanium engagement bands a good choice? Let’s talk about some of the good elements of titanium and some of its downsides, so when you are looking for engagement rings in Fresno CA you make the right choice.

Let’s talk about its resistant to scratches. TitanWedding Ringium rings tend to be prone to scratches. This is one of its downsides, although it has a strong build and won’t bend out of shape as the years go by; it is prone to a lot of scruffs and scratches. Some people prefer it this way though, because it adds a vintage worn out look to the ring, but there are some that still want their rings to remain polished and shiny as the years go by.

Now, about the weight, titanium is very light. You would expect this out of such a durable and sturdy metal that cannot be bent out of shape. When people put a titanium ring on they usually can’t tell the difference, it’s like they aren’t wearing the ring at all its really that light that it doesn’t add any extra weight to your fingers. For people that hate the feel of engagement rings or any other rings in their hands then I Highly recommend a titanium band that are being sold in jewelry stores in Fresno.

After the proposal the couple starts on planning their wedding venue, photography and catering services.

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