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Saving Tips for Top Tier Bridal Cake

For a wedding reception to be complete there should be a cake display and cutting afterwards. The problem with most cakes these days are their prices. Wedding cakes in Kansas City, MO may come in different style, flavor and size so it is only a matter of selection before you can find your own. If you are on a money saving rampage for your wedding, it is important that you know some of the wedding hacks in order to save money on your dessert.

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If you want to really achieve a 7 tier cake on display inside the reception and your cash is not enough, the best way to trick the guests it so put some dummy tiers on the base of the cake. In some cases, most couples are displaying huge fake cake as a centerpiece. They only do the cake cutting with the real ones, of course.

Another thing that makes the cake expensive is the sugar flower. If you want to get rid of this expenses, make sure that you ditch them and replace with fresh flowers. Ask an advice from your florist which flowers are good for the cakes. Remember that there are edible flowers, which are not made of toxic materials.

If your cake is not tall enough, you can create an impression that it really is by simply putting it on a stand. You don’t need to make your cake bigger and save cash; all you need to do is be creative with the stand to make it look outstanding in your wedding picture.

Your wedding cakes in Kansas City, MO do not need to be expensive. But it does not mean that you get a low cost cake it will no longer taste good.

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