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Reasons Why the  Star Boulevard in Los Angeles, CA is the Best Place for Wedding Photography

Los Angeles, CA has the best wedding photography venue, the Star Boulevard. This place is a typical hall of fame area where famous stars have considered their street. This is also popular for the name Hollywood Walk of Fame. As it is filled with stars, wedding photographers find this place as an amazing venue for the soon to be brides and grooms and also consider best for wedding photography Los Angeles.

The Star Boulevard in Los Angeles, CA is a place for wedding photography  because it is in line historical places where fans of great people around the world pay homage to. Several people have used this place not specifically as a Los Angeles photography venue but a tourist destination. This place is the best for several stars have walked through the long marble pavement making it even more special.

The couple could do different types of themed photo shoots in the area and photographers could easily make use of the view and angles because of the long pavement. The couple at the same time would feel overwhelmed not only by the setting but by the history this place brings.

They both could play with different roles pretending like the personalities they are stepping on. The couple could wear costumes matching those of the popular stars which flocked the place. The groom could be a Charlie Chaplin while the bride could be Marilyn Monroe. To make it more creative the bride could wear or dress up like a male character while the groom could wear sexy costumes of female stars. This venue is not only for the couple’s photo shoot but a good vacation destination of the couple.

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