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What are the Main Dishes of Cajun Catering?

catering2Are you excited to try something different for your? From your wedding picture down to your wedding food. If you are, there might be a chance that you have to know something about a Cajun food wedding catering in Houston, TX. This is the type of catering that uses different classes of spices to make the food flavouring smell and taste so good. This is a perfect catering that you can use for your upcoming wedding party. If you want to know some of their primary menu dishes in BB’s cajun restaurant, here are some that will surely make you go hungry:


High on the list of favorites of Cajun cooking are the soups and gumbos. A filé gumbo is thickened with dried sassafras leaves after the stew has finished cooking, a practice borrowed from the Choctaw Indians. The backbone of a gumbo is roux of which there are two variations: Cajun, a golden brown roux, and Creole, a dark roux, which is made of flour, toasted until well-browned, and fat or oil. The classic gumbo is made with chicken and the Cajun sausage called andouille, but the ingredients vary according to what is available. This is a great type of dish that you can include in your wedding day. It will surely please your wedding guests to taste something different.


This is a type of sausage made from pork, pork liver, rice, garlic, green onions and other spices. It is widely available by the link or pound from butcher shops. Boudin is usually made daily as it does not keep well for very long, even when frozen. Boudin is typically stuffed in a natural casing and has a softer consistency than other, better-known sausage varieties. It is usually served with side dishes such as rice dressing, maque choux or bread. Also, you can add this up on your menu.

Rice and gravy

These dishes are a staple of Cajun food wedding catering in Houston, TX and are usually brown gravy based on pan drippings, which are deglazed and simmered with extra seasonings and served over steamed or boiled rice. The dish is traditionally made from cheaper cuts of meat and cooked in a cast iron pot, typically for an extended time period in order to let the tough cuts of meat become tender. Beef, pork, chicken or any of a large variety of game meats are used for its preparation. Popular local varieties include hamburger steak, smothered rabbit, turkey necks, and chicken fricassee.

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