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4 Tips to Save on Your Wedding Costs

hotelWhether you accept it or not, this remains a fact: weddings are expensive. This is especially true if you’re planning to tie the knot in one of the wedding venues at Hotel in Juneau, AK.

So if you’re looking for practical ways to cut wedding costs, consider these clever tips.

Shorten the planning period

You can actually save more if you do it at the last minutes than when doing an 11-month run-up. This is because weddings done at the last minutes are more simplified. The shorter the timeline that you have, the more you only think of what’s necessary to include in your wedding event in Juneau hotels downtown.

Pick off season dates

If you’ve decided to get married during the peak seasons, expect to spend more in all your wedding costs. This is because during peak season, such as months of June to December, almost all wedding vendors increase the costs of their services and products because they know that many couples are in search for their services. Thus, shave up to 30 percent off your wedding costs when you tie the knot during the months of November and January to March.

Choose non-traditional venues

The wedding venue that you choose has a lot to say about how much you’ll be spending for your wedding. The venue alone can shave off 40 percent of your wedding budget. Country clubs, reception halls, and majestic churches can be quite expensive. Instead, consider wedding venues at Hotel in Juneau, AK for your place of ceremony not only that this is also good for vacation rentals Juneau.

Watch out for designers’ sales

If you want to wear designer wedding dress on your wedding day, find out the dates of annual wedding sales given by the country’s top designers and couturiers. You might snag a $1000 dress just $200 or $300. Watch out for tour schedules and runway sales of your favourite dress designers and wear their creations on your big day.

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