Wedding Pies

Home Cooked Pies

Often we forgot that a home cooked pie can be used as wedding dessert. Some bakers encourage couple to have wedding pies in Houston, TX. It is less expensive than cakes but is sumptuous.  Your guests will be happy because they don’t need to wait for the holiday to have the pie. Personally, pies are something that should be served often especially if there are guests around.

wedding-piesThe only problem with homemade wedding pies in Houston, TX is that you tend to burn the crust or undercook the filling. Either way, you can still save it by doing the following procedure. So, if accident happens during baking don’t be despair there is still hope.  

When the pie crust is soggy you can still fix it. Often, when baking wedding pies in Houston, TX you tend to overcook the top crust and leave the bottom uncooked or soggy. What you need is a foil, cover the entire pie and throw your pie back in the oven. Just make sure that the temperature is between 425 – 450. The reason why you need to cover it with foil is that you don’t want to burn the top crust since it is already cook. Leave it in the oven for about 12 minutes. It is also advisable to put the pie at the bottom rack or underside this part of oven gets the most heat. If all else fail you can scrip or scoop the filling out and let the bottom crust cook. Once done you can put the filling back and crumble the top crust. This will look even better.

Another worst scenario that you may encounter when baking wedding pies in Houston, TX is the burnt crust. Often we forgot to set the timer which makes the crust a little too done. You don’t need to worry because you can still fix it. All you need is some fine-holed handheld grater or bread knife with fine teeth. Start removing or craping the burnt part but this process is only applicable if the crust is not totally damage. Lucky for you if you just burnt the edges because you can easily cut it off. You can garnish it with whipped cream to cover that part.

If you are doubtful with yourself you can always use a precooked crust. This will help you to acquire the right cooking. You just need to follow cooking instruction.

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