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Pros and Cons of Holding Your Wedding in Clearwater Beach, FL Venue Hotels

Ups and Downs of Hotel Venues

Wedding venue3Have you envisioned where do you want to tie the knot? There are some couples who tend to hold their ceremonies in a destination venue. There are those who prefer the breezy area of the beach. If you are a traditional type of bride then you may want your wedding to be held in a fancy hotel.

By booking a wedding venue in hotels in Clearwater Beach, FL, you will enjoy a great deal of convenience that you can find from other types of venues. However, hotel venues may also have some disadvantages. If you are curious, here are some of the advantages:

When renting a hotel service for your wedding, you will enjoy the benefit of well experienced staffs. If there is one place that is ready when it comes to catering all types of events, it is the hotel. Hotels are employing event coordinators, waiting staff, chefs and many more, not to mention that hotels have the right infrastructures.

The next benefit of renting a Clearwater hotels on the beach for your venue is there will be no extra charge for the rentals of stemware, silverware, dishes, chairs, linens, tables and many more. If it is an outside venue then most probably you are going to pay for everything including the chairs and tables. In a hotel, everything that you will need is there and it is already included in the package.

If your guests and family members will need to stay for a night, your hotel venue can provided cheap rooms. You can also stay in the hotel for your honeymoon as most hotels are giving free rooms and other amenities for the newly married couples.

However, not all hotel venues are really advantageous. Most wedding venue in hotels in Clearwater Beach, FL may lack flexibility because they are also pre-arranged. If you are the type of couple who wants to customize the venue you cannot find that option in a hotel. Sometimes, you need to put up with the hotel managers in order for them to change something from the pre-planned arrangement.

Another caveat when dealing with hotel venues is the hidden costs. If you are not aware, some hotels are charging for cake cutting, overtime charges, valet fees and others that are not included on the contract. Be clear with these types of fees before anything signing the contract.

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