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Must Try Wedding Catering Menu Ideas in Charlotte, NC

Outstanding Bridal Catering Suggestions

A wedding reception is well remembered by your guests if the food is flowing abundantly. Although it is hard to admit, they will remember how your potato salad or cake tasted rather than the details of your dress during that day. If your wedding is closing in, you need to make sure you have prepared well for your wedding catering in Charlotte, NC.

Wedding Catering ServicesPopsicle with adult twist

If you think that popsicles are only for kids then you are wrong. You can give it a little taste of liquor or cocktail to suit the taste of young adults and adults attending your event. This is a perfect dessert like teaser during a summer wedding.

Guacamole bar

It’s not all the time that your guests can eat this type of food. Tease them with the healthy combination of cucumber, avocado and lime assigned in a certain station inside the reception. This type of setup is considered a hit by most professional caterers. Try it!

Breakfast menu

Are you afraid of serving egg and bacon on your wedding reception? Why not? It is not all the time that your guests could eat a hearty breakfast with you. Besides, this type of option is a real money saving type of catering. You can also serve them pancakes then top the dishes with a dessert like crème brule. Just orient your Charlotte catering company about this.

Mini bar

You cannot ditch beverages on your event. Since you will be serving food, your drinks should be extra special too. You have the option to drown your guests will unlimited liquor drinks, cocktail, or fresh healthy juice.

Make your wedding catering in Charlotte, NC the grandest by simply talking and taking suggestions to your top caterer in town. Arrange your catering ahead of time so that you will see how it syncs with the rest of your bridal element ahead of time. All the delicious food that you serve must be compile in your wedding photo album as well.

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