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Mind Blowing Eccentric Wedding Venues in Atlanta GA

Eccentric Wedding Venues in Atlanta GA

Atlanta is not only a famous place for tourists, it is also a good venue for eccentric weddings to celebrate. If you are the kind of couple that would really love to be different and you are willing to risk everything to have an unforgettable wedding in the most bizarre way, eccentric wedding venues in Atlanta GA are the best places for you. Most places in Atlanta are not only great for wedding prenuptial photo shoots but wedding celebrations itself.

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Here are the top 3 most eccentric wedding venues in Atlanta GA that will blow the minds of your guests.


Grab your wedding dresses or have different costumes ready for a play. Dress as Belle and The Beast and pose on your theater poster as a public announcement of your wedding’s location. Make the theater tickets as your invitation of your guests on your wedding day and get married in this legendary classical theater house! As your guests take their seats comfortably, the only decoration you will need is the background of the play/wedding of yours.


Turn the Turner Field into an extremely different place with an extremely different purpose. Transform this baseball field into an eccentric wedding venue where you could goal several times while occupying the whole diamond. Serve great mini burgers or hot dog sandwiches with large sodas to compliment the whole team. Proclaim your wedding vows in the middle of the baseball field in wedding venue Atlanta, click to find out more.


Make your wedding a vacation getaway treat for your guests. Instead of the usual beach wedding, get yourselves the sexiest wedding dresses for a fun and loud wedding celebration at this water amusement park. Slide away to the swirling slides after exchanging vows on the high leveled water slide or simply embrace the beauty of a wedding under a water fountain.

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