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Lively and Upbeat First Dance Songs for Your big Day – Hire a dance choreography in your wedding in Houston, TX

List of lively songs recommendation for first dance in wedding

Not everyone likes to have a sappy and could be boring first dance. Some couple wants to have a fun time during their first dance. People in Houston would certainly love to groove with you and they would want something that will enjoy dancing to and also gives a smile to them.  Choosing the right song can be difficult because you have to consider the rhythm that you can dance to, just like when you choose wedding photography. We have saved you some time in your search for lively and upbeat songs that you could use on your first dance in this small list of songs.

I Choose You by Sara Bareilles
The title had already described the song and it can also be a perfect proposal song. It has a lively beat where you and your loved can enjoy dancing to. The lovely voice of Sara is easy to listen to that the guests will also enjoy.

Be My Forever by Christina Perri ft. Ed Sheeran
This is a fun song that surely describes your feeling in your wedding.  You can have cute dance choreography in your wedding in Houston, TX. It is a perfect wedding dance song where it can also entertain your guests.

Accidentally in Love by Counting Crows
This one is a favorite for upbeat songs for the first dance in weddings.  You can certainly feel the beat of this fun song that talks about being in love.  Make sure you put on some nice dance shoes so you could thoroughly enjoy a fun first dance with your love one.
There are a lot of songs out there that could be great for your wedding dance choreography in your wedding in Houston, TX.  This is just a small list that could narrow down your choices.  You can go check them out and see if you can dance with it. Here is more information for you to know more about upbeat first dance songs.

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