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Light and Shadow Issues with Wedding Photography in the Park Houston TX

Dealing with Lighting in Wedding Photography

One of the most challenging parts in wedding photography in the park in Houston TX is the lighting. The light during the midday is fairly brutal and it will make every photo less interesting. They make the colors dull and monotonous. Competing with the sun is really hard specially if there are no sufficient shades in the park. Wedding Photograhper Aside from the fact that it will make the photos less interesting, it will also make the subject or couples to feel uncomfortable.It will also give a bad shadow to the photos.The hollow part of the face will be less creepy if there will be shadows. It is important to put the subject in the different side and put them in the sun that is less than ninety degrees. When having wedding photography in the park in Houston TX, always use reflector board. This will neutralize the light that will reflect to the subject. Reflector controls shadows and highlights. Every reflector board comes in different color and sizes. It is crucial to use the right one. In photography, always use extra person or assistant that will hold the reflector. This will make your task easier. While trees are perfect backdrops, it is also crucial to be aware of the weird shadow that might appear in the photos. However, there are some good shadows that will give a dramatic effect to the photos but you should be careful not to over use it. Always use manual setting so that you can adjust your camera properly. Don’t rely on the auto adjust since it will not give you a good photograph. Wedding photography in the park in Houston TX doesn’t require a lot of decoration. The natural beauty around you is enough to make simple yet romantic photographs. Visit this site if you are looking for trusted and best wedding photographer Houston. Joey T Photography 2000 Edwards St #118, Houston, TX 77007 (713) 299-9752 Additional Info: