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Jewelry Care Tips from the San Diego, CA Wedding Jewelry Store Owners

Wedding Jewelry Cleaning

Wedding Jewelry StoreDo you always visit the jewelry store to have your jewelries cleaned? There are people who allow no one else to touch their wedding jewelries for cleaning aside from the jewelry store consultant. This is great if you have the time and money because jewelry cleaning at Tiffany’s or at Charles Koll does not come cheap.

For this reason, owners and consultants of wedding jewelry stores in San Diego, CA share these tips on taking care jewelries. At the comfort of your homes, you can easily clean your jewelries with warm water and mild soap. Any piece of jewelry can be fee from grime and dirt when washed with washed with clean water and polished with a soft cloth. There are tricks in cleaning jewelries and to avoid tarnishing, especially on silver and gold jewelries. Dry the jewelries first with soft cloth before placing it back to its storage boxes. If you notice hard-to-remove dirt in your San Diego jewelry, especially those with intricate details, it is ideal to use a soft toothbrush for cleaning. After washing the ring or necklace with water and mild soap, try brushing softly the jewelry and see if the dirt is removed. If not, you can check with your jeweler to have it cleaned thoroughly.

There are jewelry stores that provide care instructions for the jewelry bought from their store. For instance you bought diamond wedding rings at Tiffany’s; you will find a provided special care instructions with picture and details for the ring to ensure it will last longer. Rings also do come in a special box, so avoid storing the ring with your other jewelry pieces. When it is time to go to bed, it is highly recommended to remove any jewelry you are wearing.

The same thing applies when participating in strenuous activities, whether at home or at work. You do not know when you will be exposed to a harsh environment and chemicals that can damage or scratch the jewelry you are wearing. Ask the wedding jewelry stores in San Diego, CA and they will tell you how sweat or perspiration can affect jewelries.

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