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In What Order You Should Wear Your Houston, TX Wedding and Engagement Ring

How to Wear Wedding and Engagement Rings Together

Both your wedding and engagement rings in Houston, TX are important symbols of your life’s milestones. Because of this you might want to wear both of these precious jewelleries everywhere you go to always remind you of your commitment and your love to your partner.

Engagement RingDepending on the tradition that you’re following, wedding and engagement rings can be worn together or only one. Customarily, brides receive two rings; one during the engagement and the other is during the wedding day. There are are other traditions that require a ritual to replace an engagement ring with a wedding ring.

Thus, sometimes knowing which one should be worn first or can the two be really worn can get very confusing. Here are some common practices that can guide you on how to wear these precious pieces of jewelleries, which are also symbols of your love and trust.

On the day of your wedding

Across traditions, an engagement ring is usually switched with a wedding ring on the third finger on the bride’s left hand. During the wedding ceremony, both the bride and the spouse place the wedding ring in each other’s ring finger. The practice that the third finger of the left hand is where the ring is placed originated from the Egyptian’s belief that the vein on the ring finger leads directly to the heart.

Once you’re married

After you have pronounced your vows in whatever custom you choose to follow, usually the engagement ring is moved back on the third finger of the left hand. This is because of the belief that the wedding ring should be sitting on the finger that is closest to the heart, which many people give is the fourth finger on the left hand. Do it the right way so that you will have beautiful bridal photo from the photographer.

Discussed above is only a couple of customary order in wearing wedding and engagement rings in Houston, Texas. Depending on the belief that you subscribe to, just don’t forget the whole point of these rings: your love and commitment to your spouse.

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