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How to Make Your Husband Help You with the Household Chores

Does Your Husband Help You in Housekeeping?

Being the wife, it is common to be in charge of keeping the house. Nonetheless, it is not a very easy task no matter how you turn it all around. Making sure that the house is clean, there is food prepared on the table, there’s groceries, the laundry is done, there is someone to take care of the kids, and so on, being the wife and the mother is a full-time job without compensation.

weddingHowever, it is no wrong if the man will help a little bit when it comes to housekeeping. In fact, it does not make them less of a man like how others say. Men can also go out from their dress shirts and ties to wear an apron sometimes. Here is how you can make your husband cooperate with you doing the household chores.

Do the chores together – Marriage is a teamwork. It should also reflect on how you divide the tasks at home. Doing them together will let you finish the tasks faster. He can also use this as an opportunity to learn by imitating the thing that you do in keeping the home. From cleaning to cooking, you may not know that he can actually do a better job than you.

Teach him the basics – If he really is clueless when it comes to housekeeping, then you definitely should start with the basics. Teach him simple chores that he can learn fast and easily done. Cooking simple dishes for breakfast, maintaining the backyard, to doing the doing the laundry, everything can be learned if the teacher has the patience.

Compliment him – There is nothing better than being complimented to any good deed done. Praise your husband if he has accomplished a task very well. For starters, don’t expect that they would immediately be an expert in house keeping but you have to show gratitude for the effort.

Give him rewards – If their job was really impressive, you can motivate him more through rewards. He can be in charge of the cleaning while you will cook his favorite food for him. Be an inspiration to him!

Let him know about the advantages – Have talk with him and make sure that he knows how it would be more beneficial  for the both of you if he can also contribute in doing the household chores. What would happen if you are sick or injured? Or if you have an important appointment that there is none else to take car of the home? Remind him that it is not always you will be around to have them done.

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