Legal Wedding Officiant

How to Find the Perfect Wedding Officiants in Houston, TX for a Non-Religious Event?

Explanation for Finding the Right Wedding Officiant

Aside from the wedding photographer and caterer, another person that is very important during the wedding is the officiant. Depending on where you’re getting hitched, you may or may not have a choice of who’s leading the I dos. If the ceremony is in a church, synagogue, or other house of worship, the officiant may be assigned to you, or, if it’s a larger site, you may be given a choice of whom you’d like to perform the ceremony. If you have different religions or have a relative or friend who’s a member of the clergy, you may want to have two people as wedding officiants in Houston, TX, with the approval from the venue.

Wedding OfficiantIf you have the option of choosing an officiant, ask some important questions to make sure your marriage will be on the up-and-up and to keep the ceremony as flawless as possible. Tailor the questions as needed, depending upon whether your ceremony is religious or nonreligious in nature. Keep asking around until you’re satisfied you’ve found the person who best suits your needs. It is actually an easy job to find someone who can marry you but, it the rules can be a little difficult if you want to make it nonreligious.

If the ceremony isn’t in a church and you’re not headed to an all-hours chapel, you’ll need to shop around for an officiant. It is very important to have a wedding officiant services Houston for the wedding event so that you can be legally married anywhere you want. A good starting point is a religious leader – a priest, minister, a rabbi, for example. Even if you’re not getting married at a person’s house of worship, he or she may be willing to perform the ceremony. Some, though, may consider it only if it’s a religious ceremony. Be up-front about what you have planned as well as your personal convictions so the person your contact can make an informed decision to as whether he or she is the right person for the job or even feels comfortable doing it. The fact that you’ve been living together for a year, the bride is pregnant, this is your third marriage, or you’re from different religions may not bother you, but a religious officiant could have objections or conflicts with performing the ceremony. It’s better to get things out in the open than to have the officiant back out at the last minute.

If you’re planning a non-religious ceremony, you can look for an officiant in the ranks of a country courthouse (judges, magistrates, and clerks are typically authorized), a city’s mayoral office, a roadside chapel, or a friend who’s newly ordained via the Internet. Make sure you know the laws in the state and/or country in which you’re getting married so you know the person, and subsequently your marriage, is legit. Call a country courthouse, mayor’s office, or other authority to find out who’s licensed or can be licensed to perform wedding in your state. This is one thing that you should consider when you are getting married. So make sure that you find out the right wedding officiants in Houston, TX so that you can be married legally.

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