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What to Do and What Not To Do In Hindu Wedding Ideas

Hindu wedding ideas that is stunning

If you are attending a Hindu traditional ceremony for the first time, you might be overwhelmed. For the first timers it’s likely that you’ll be unsure about what is expected of you as a guest. Following do’s and don’ts will help you organize a successful and enjoyable wedding. Here are some tips on how to truly enjoy traditionally Hindu wedding ideas with grace and style.

Dress code – attending an actual wedding ceremony is very different. You have to dress modestly. Wearing off-shoulders, short skirts, and low neckline is not acceptable since you will sit cross legged on the floor and this will prove difficult in tight or short clothing.

MehndiColors to avoid – In Hindu Indian wedding, they wear colorful dresses and pure white and black colors are avoided. Black signifies mourning and white is worn at funerals. Wearing colorful dress is considered good. Try not to wear bright red as this traditional color is reserved for the bride only.

Removing Shoes – Indian weddings do not allow people to enter a temple with the shoes so guests will have to place them in the designated space before they enter the sanctified area. Wearing only socks is allowed.

Accessories to carry – Usually, attending Sikh require you to cover your head when you are in temple. Carry a scarf which can be also be used to cover up bare shoulders. Men usually wear white handkerchief to place over their head. They are also perfect to have great wedding photos.

Taking Photos – During a wedding ceremony, taking picture is not permitted. Hindu weddings are a little bit strict and even professional photographers are not allowed.

Gifts – If there is no gift mentioned on the invitation, giving money is a perfectly acceptable gift to the couple.

Food – The food that is served is vegetarian. This would be depending on the religion followed by the couples. There are also a lot of Hindu wedding ideas that can be used when preparing the food.

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