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Famous Choice for Wedding Nail Arts by the Nail Salons in Long Island, NY

Top Nail Art Designs for the Wedding

As you look forward for your big day, you should not forget to give attention to your nails.  Yes, they are just a little portion of your body and yet they will also be a part of your whole image in your wedding. Why not pamper them days before the wedding as you try the famous nail arts for the wedding by the nail salons in Long Island, NY.


Metallic. This nail art is very appropriate for the season.  Most brides wanted to have a shade of silver and gold in their nails during this time.  This is also an expression that they welcome the winter season warmly. Also you can add snowflakes nail arts or the famous snowman.

Unique Designs. Since nail art is really hot nowadays in all occasions, our nail artists in the salon can also create unique designs depending on the request of the couple. It is usually the bride, there are some who prefers to add real crystals and precious stones in their nails for the wedding day to make it look stunning in their wedding picture.

Neon. Bold and loud nail polish is so attractive.  Some of them are mixing it with pearls and jellies to get a glossy and shimmery nails. Yellow, Orange and yellow green is the common neon color.

Select your nail art for your special day.  Make it the way you like it because we have the best nail artist in town.  If you are interested about the details, we will tell you the famous choice for nail arts for the wedding by the nail salons in Long Island, NY.

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