Loose Diamonds for Wedding

Difference of Buying Loose Diamonds for Your Wedding in San Diego, CA

How to Get the Right Loose Diamond for Your Big Day?

loose diamonds for weddingBuying a loose diamonds for your wedding in San Diego, CA is a little different than buying a preset diamond. Most loose diamond purchases are for larger carat weights, such as at least a one carat diamond or greater. This is not always the case, but one that is most common. Some people find it easier to shop for a loose diamond than a diamond that has already been set, while others prefer the latter.

There are pros and cons to each. Buying a diamond that has already been set can be more affordable since the setting is often part of a store’s collection that they have purchased from the diamond manufacturer. Don’t be deceiving on the picture alone. Loose diamonds require not only the selection of the diamond for a consumer, but the setting as well. So, already you have two big decisions to make instead of one. However, that should not deter someone from deciding to buy a loose diamond stores in San Diego.

The advantage to buying a diamond that has not yet been set is that you can truly see it in its true form. Sometimes settings are intentionally positioned to hide any flaws or blemishes in the diamond, meaning you see it in the store and then you get it home and under the right lighting, voila!

Where did that spot come from? Loose diamonds hold nothing back. It is a little more difficult to maneuver and must be handled only with tweezers by a skilled salesperson or professional jeweler, who can then show you the loose diamond under a gem scope or glass piece (loupe). A gem scope is the best way to see the innards and exterior of a loose diamond. If you really want to have this kind of diamond for your wedding, you need to make sure that you are getting the right one like those from davidandsonsjewelers.com/certified-loose-diamonds-san-diego.php. It can be really difficult to see the perfect loose diamonds for your wedding in San Diego, CA but, you just need to be eager to find it. 

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