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Dessert Table Ideas You Can Request from the Wedding Catering in Cleveland, OH

Sweet Treats at the Reception

A wedding is a joyous event with full of sweet memories and stunning wedding  photos to share with your partner, family and friends. Since it is a romantic celebration, it is just right to share sweet treats with everyone. You can opt for a sweet banana cream wedding cake or the classic fondant wedding cake. However, you can make your guests indulge with your sweet treats by serving it in different tables at the reception. A wedding catering in Cleveland, OH can get this sorted for you.

wedding cateringTable for the finger-food sweet treats

The kids love cupcakes, cake pops and mini treats, and having a table for bite-size snacks would certainly keep them happy. Of course, the adults, or the young at hearts, will also enjoy munching some bite-size desserts. If you chose several sweet treats from the caterer, a table for bite-size treats would be ideal.

Ice cream bar

Aside from having a table for pies or cupcakes, you might want to have an ice cream table too for additional dessert. This is perfect for summer weddings and if the caterer has ice cream in their menu. For the guests to enjoy their cold sweet treat, you can let them create an ice cream sandwich by serving different cookies and ice cream flavors.

Cupcake table

Probably the most pleasing sweet treat to wedding guests is the cupcake. In a few bites, the dessert in a cup size already satisfies their palate. An inviting cupcake or brownies table is a great option for guests to have a little dessert first before the wedding cake cutting. Additionally, a cupcake table with brownies and other dessert choices is ideal for couples who do not want to go overboard.

Other providers of wedding catering in Cleveland, OH arrange for cookies and milk table and even for pies. A table for pies has become trendier today especially for autumn weddings. Talk to your caterer on what’s the best dessert table for your wedding, over at this website.

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