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Probably one of the most significant things for a wedding couple to do before they spend time searching for a wedding photographer in Washington DC is to think of what style would they like to do. One way to determine the kind of style you want is to arrange a collection of different photographs you like.

wedding photographerAfter you collected the photos you like try and separate them, one for when you are posing in front of the camera where you would take time away from the event to set up groups for group photographs where they are posing and another where they are just candid shots, pictures that are just taken whenever and wherever you like. If you are interested in the pictures that have you posing properly in front of the camera then you can go for a traditional style wedding photographer.

Before you head off here are some things you need to know about traditional style wedding photographers in Washington DC. Let us start off with the basics. What is traditional wedding photography? For the sake of simplicity, you can recognize traditional wedding photography as serious color photos where guests are posed in front of the camera. Traditional is determined by lots of direction from the photographer. This means that your photographer will be telling you exactly how to pose in front of the camera. Your wedding photographer will be “directing” you on what to do.

Nowadays any photography that requires setup and direction are referred to as traditional photography. Some advantages of traditional Washington photographers is you know what to expect. So there is no risk to knowing how your photos will turn out because it is already planned.

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