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How to Choose Your Wedding Bouquet Selection in San Diego CA

Colorful Wedding Bouquets in San Diego CA

Selecting the flowers for your wedding day is a major part of the planning process. Every bride needs one. They come in a different variety of sizes, shapes and they take a big bite out of your budget. To help make the process a bit easier on how to select the perfect wedding bouquet selection in San Diego CA, click here for additional info.

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The following are some tips to get you started:

Decide what type of theme you want with your bouquet. Do you want it to match the entire theme of your wedding party or do you want it to reflect a bit of your personality?

Choose which size of wedding bouquet selection in San Diego CA will look best with your dress. If you want to show off the front of your wedding dress, you may want a smaller bouquet. If your dress is simple, you may want a bouquet that includes cascading flowers.

Have your florist show you a different variety of flowers in different colors to get a good idea of what color theme you want to go with. Round flowers are popular for bouquets while a mixture of colorful lilies and orchids can make a beautiful outcome.

Research the meaning of different types of flowers before choosing them for your wedding bouquet. Usually, brides choose orchids which represents love and gardenias represent joy.

Let your family help you on how to choose flowers for the bride’s bouquet. Your mom or sisters may have used a certain flower in her bouquet and you can impart a family tradition into your bouquet by using a few of the same flowers.

Choose flowers based on the arrangement of the bouquet. If you choose tying the stems with a decorative ribbon or a string of beads, you’ll need sturdy stems and long flowers. If the flowers will be put through a holder, you can choose pretty much any type of flower that you like.

Look for some pictures of wedding bouquet selection in San Diego CA from different bridal magazines and bring them to your wedding florist. If you have multiple favorite flowers, work with the florist on combining your favorite designs into a bridal bouquet.

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