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Bizarre Wedding Catering Trends in Washington, DC

How to Rejuvenate Your Catering?

wedding cateringAre you ready for your wedding? Not quite yet. You haven’t planned out your wedding catering in Washington DC yet. The catering has become the most important part of your wedding reception. The only way to say thanks and satisfy your guests is to have creative type of wedding catering in Washington DC. You can also hire a food photographer to record your food and drinks to be served on your special day. If you are looking forward on how to rejuvenate your wedding day through catering, these are some methods that you must know and apply if you can on your own wedding day:

Personal Branding

If you are having your wedding, you can add personal branding in some of your stuff. You can make your own tokens for guests homemade style and you can brand on your own. You can even make signature drinks that have a classic personal twist made by your groom-to-be or even yours. This way, you will have a one of kind wedding catering during that special day.


In your reception area, you can have the trend of labelling the food. You can tell some of it’s history (or backdrop story), definition, meaning, who made it and everything your guests might want to know. This way, they will be aware of what food they are eating on your wedding day and your caterer will be lucky because they might get hired again by one of your guests.

Late Night Snacks

A dinner type wedding is the kind that you have planned and considered as affordable catering Washington. This is one new spin that is becoming a great trend today. Having late night snacks like breakfast kinds is the new inventive and crazy style of catering that you can pull of on your wedding. It’s totally out of the ordinary and your guests will be a shock but will still appreciate it.

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