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What to Ask the Provider When Getting Houston, TX Bride’s Family Photography Service

Working with a Family Photography Provider

Photographer2If there is one subcategory that most photographers are not specialized into, it is the bride’s family photography in Houston, TX. There are very few individuals who are doing family wedding shoots because in the first place the job is really challenging. Photographing a family is quite stressful if you have no experience since the skills used on this one are not by the book. You learn through experience.

When dealing with this service for the first time, it is imperative to ask questions. However, do you know what are the questions you should ask? If not, here are some of the things that you should ask the photographers:

How many families you have catered before?

You are not looking for a level 10 photographer here. Your goal is to hire a Houston family photography who has a decent experience. If you hire a well seasoned photographer then the service might be really too expensive. The most important part is the number of families the photographer has experienced covering before. When he or she has covered more families, it means that he or she has skills on how to handle a huge crowd. Aside from looking at the portfolio, the number of clients handled before should also appear on the resume.

Can you give references of your previous clients?

This is the most awkward part. And if your photographer gets awkward when asked then he or she must be hiding something fishy. If he or she has no history of bad performance, there will be no issue in terms of giving the list of clients. By talking to the provider’s previous clients, you can siphon some important information like the way the photographer work, personality, deliverables and many more.

Do you have a second shooter?

Shooting a group is difficult as there will be missed moments. In order to cover for the loss, it is better if the provider will offer second shooters. In this way, the album will provide different angles of the scene. If you are very particular with the staff technicalities, it is important to check ahead. If the contract says there is a second shooter, there should be one who will show up together with the main photographer in the event.

Do you have state of the art and backup equipments?

Like the regular type of photography, there is the need to always check if the provider will have backup equipments. The last thing that you should experience when undergoing a shoot is having technical issues. Since the shoot is mostly scheduled for an hour, you cannot afford to make the other family members wait as they might be busy as well. The staff should have an extra camera or battery at bay.

Do you have an affiliation?

Another important factor when hiring provider of bride’s family photography in Houston, TX is the affiliation. The standard affiliation that every photographer should have is with PPA or Professional Photographers of America.

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