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Getting a Dress That Complements the Bride’s Body

Wedding dresses1Brides are not all the same. In order to find the best dress that will complement your body and personality, the best thing to do first is to know your body type. Bride’s body types are ranging from plus size to petite.

According to experts, you don’t need to push yourself wearing trendy dresses that do not suit your body type wel just to acquire best bridal portrait. Million dollar looking brides are the type of brides who complemented their bodies with the right dress. Here are some of the tips when looking for wedding dresses in Houston, TX that fir your body well:

Plus sized dresses. If you got the curves in your body, do not be shy to showcase them. All you need is a nice dress that will create a small illusion for your natural frame. According to expert stylist from the wedding dresses stores in Houston TX, you can start by getting a dress that is more curve hugging. The curve-hugging dress should be characterized with neckline to knee aesthetics and asymmetrical pleating.

Another way to neutralize the bride’s plus size body type is to wear an empire dress. The lengthening effect of this dress, especially when in fluttery chiffon fabric, will make the bride look taller and slimmer.

Dress for busty brides. There are two options that you can explore if you are the type of bride who is busy—conceal and reveal. The core of wearing the right dress for this body type is the neckline. Yes, it will always start with the neckline. If your bust is well endowed, the perfect dress for you is the one with square neckline. It will surely neutralize your bust.

Most busty brides are avoiding wearing strapless dresses. However, getting a strapless dress with a straight across style will help you minimize the busty part. In fact, it will divert the attention. Amazing, isn’t it?  

On the other hand, you can also reveal something from your busty side. According to experts, you can wear a dress that has a subtle dip. It will reveal something, but not too much; moreover, it will also soften your sexy side.

If there is one thing that you need to put in mind when selecting wedding dresses in Houston, TX, it is to pick a dress that is an exact definition of your body type and personality. The rest of the details will come after you have chosen the right silhouette. For more information about these dresses, please consult a professional wedding stylist.

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Topnotch Wedding Hotel Venue

Ups and Downs of Hotel Venues

Wedding venue3Have you envisioned where do you want to tie the knot? There are some couples who tend to hold their ceremonies in a destination venue. There are those who prefer the breezy area of the beach. If you are a traditional type of bride then you may want your wedding to be held in a fancy hotel.

By booking a wedding venue in hotels in Clearwater Beach, FL, you will enjoy a great deal of convenience that you can find from other types of venues. However, hotel venues may also have some disadvantages. If you are curious, here are some of the advantages:

When renting a hotel service for your wedding, you will enjoy the benefit of well experienced staffs. If there is one place that is ready when it comes to catering all types of events, it is the hotel. Hotels are employing event coordinators, waiting staff, chefs and many more, not to mention that hotels have the right infrastructures.

The next benefit of renting a Clearwater hotels on the beach for your venue is there will be no extra charge for the rentals of stemware, silverware, dishes, chairs, linens, tables and many more. If it is an outside venue then most probably you are going to pay for everything including the chairs and tables. In a hotel, everything that you will need is there and it is already included in the package.

If your guests and family members will need to stay for a night, your hotel venue can provided cheap rooms. You can also stay in the hotel for your honeymoon as most hotels are giving free rooms and other amenities for the newly married couples.

However, not all hotel venues are really advantageous. Most wedding venue in hotels in Clearwater Beach, FL may lack flexibility because they are also pre-arranged. If you are the type of couple who wants to customize the venue you cannot find that option in a hotel. Sometimes, you need to put up with the hotel managers in order for them to change something from the pre-planned arrangement.

Another caveat when dealing with hotel venues is the hidden costs. If you are not aware, some hotels are charging for cake cutting, overtime charges, valet fees and others that are not included on the contract. Be clear with these types of fees before anything signing the contract.

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Magical Wedding Dress

Choosing Stylish Informal Wedding Dresses

dress4Not all brides are the same; some may want to wear long train dresses for their chapel and cathedral wedding. However, there are some brides who want it short due to their destination and outdoor ceremony. If it is your time to choose informal wedding dresses in Los Angeles, CA, you have your own reasons too.

According to experts, most brides are choosing informal wedding dresses because their ceremonies and reception will be held in a tropical beach or they are cruising. Beach themed weddings are perfect for informal types of dresses. When it comes to style, it will always depend on the location of the wedding. There are locations that may require you to wear informal boho style while others may require you to wear elegant and stylish informal wedding dress.

Like any other types of wedding dresses in Los Angeles California in Winnie Couture wedding boutique, there is the need to always know your body shape when looking for an informal dress. The last thing you want is wearing an informal dress that will make you look like a trashy bride. You need to pay attention to the details as well.

As per advised by the experts, getting a pared down dress is really recommended if you are having the wedding right in the beach. So, what is a pared down dress? This type of dress is characterized with silhouette that is fitted straight. In some cases, this is also like an A-lie dress characterized with minimum or subdued flare. In short, it is not heavy or voluminous.

Aside from informal dress, you can also opt to wear princess line or mermaid silhouette dress. You can check the catalogue of your suppliers when it comes to mermaid and princess line dresses that are perfect for destination weddings held in a beach.

Why do you need to wear these kinds of styles? Please take note that the setting of a beach is always windy. Wearing a wrong dress can turn your wedding into something really terrible. With the right dress, narrow skirted, the wind-blow will not be a big issue.

You can get informal wedding dresses in Los Angeles, CA from a chain store or an online thrift shop. Unlike formal dresses, informal ones can be ordered online without making you worry so much. Most of all, this type of dress is so airy and light so the cost is relatively lower as compared to normal white dresses.

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Magical Wedding Dress

Handling Wedding Dress Appointments

The success of finding your wedding dresses in Charlotte, NC will always depend on how you handle the appointments with different bridal boutiques. Before heading out, it is essential that you already know the process well so you won’t get confused.

Here are some of the professional tips you can follow in order have an organized way of looking for that dream dress:

When booking the first appointment. As soon as you are hitched or engaged, start the search. Do not wait for weeks or even months to look for a dress. If you are planning to wear a custom dress, the search should be 9 months before the wedding date.

Wedding DressWhen attending the first appointment from Winnie Couture wedding salon. Some brides literally bring nothing during the first appointment. Well, it is much better if you show up with your counsel (at least two trusted people). Moreover, bringing your wedding shoes or shoes close to the style and design will be of big help. During the fittings, it will be awkward if you did not bring the right undergarment too. Before you forget, show up with a light makeup on your face.

When choosing the style. Technically, styles can be really confusing if you don’t know the right one for your body type. However, the role of the bridal boutique staff and consultant will enter the picture. They will be the resource persons who will guide you through the selection process. You can start with the popular dress styles like A-line and ball gown. Other styles that you can also check are fit and flare, sheath, and many more which is perfect to acquire best bridal portrait. At the end of the day, you need to choose which dress complements your body.

When setting the budget of the dress. If you are to ask professional wedding planners, the dress should get 10% of the whole budget for the wedding. However, it does not mean that you need to spend 10%; you can go higher or lower depending on your capability. By setting the budget ahead, your search for the dress will be guided. It means that you should not look at dresses that are out of your budget zone.

The road to your wedding dresses in Charlotte, NC can be tough sometimes, but that’s the way it is. In order to overcome the issues and challenges that you will encounter along the way, there is the need to be educated. By reading tips and insider advice ahead, you can always find your way around and get the best dress for your wedding.

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Magical Wedding Dress

Bridal Dress Shopping Helpful Guide

Do you have any idea of what you are supposed to do when shopping for wedding dresses in Beverly Hills, CA? If yes then that’s good for you. However, there are some brides who are a little confused since it is their first time. Having a few people around to give advice is also a good thing, but sometimes too many opinions and cents on something can be really confusing.

Wedding DressBefore you go out and buy your envisioned wedding gowns in Winnie Couture, there is a need for you to list down the things or steps that you should do. Once you get confused, you go back to the list. Here are some of the professionally proven shopping tips used by previous brides:

Reflect about yourself. Buying a dress is not about satisfying other people visually. It is all about you—how comfortable you are in the dress and etc. Your decision should be based on the body figure. You cannot force yourself to wear a sleeveless dress if you are busty or so. By getting the right silhouette, you are complimenting yourself. Wearing a dress means satisfying your curves, too. If you overdo it, the dress may look awful at some point.

Assess the fabric. If you will tie the knot in the middle of suffer, make sure that the dress has a comfortable fabric. During temperate seasons, there is a need for you to wear dresses with light fabrics like cotton and silk. Wearing a ball gown made from Duchess satin will surely make you a walking oven. The same principle goes with the winter season wedding. Go for dresses that have layers so protect yourself from cold; you can also go with dresses that can be matched with faux fur jacket.

Always take notes. In order not to forget details about your scheduled fittings, there is the need for you to take down notes. Some brides are too excited of what’s going on so they don’t care if they have listed down the details. As a smart bride, you need to record the details such as name of designers, pattern of designs, floral details and many more.

Research on the cost. This is a relatively huge investment for you, so be critical in your decision making. Most brides are also saving so the very first thing that they do is asking the bridal boutique of their dress quotes.

As much as possible, you should enjoy the process of dress selection. This moment may only happen to you once so do not forget to make the most of it. Getting wedding dresses in Beverly Hills, CA can be really daunting, but if you are well prepared there’s no space for stress.

Winnie Couture
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Creative Wedding Photography

Tips When Availing Newborn Photography

Hiring a professional photographer is one of the luxuries of life that people can enjoy especially by mothers who are about to deliver their first babies. When getting newborn photography in Houston, TX, you have the option to get a well seasoned individual or a fauxtogrpaher. The first category is clearly a professional while the second one is a hobbyist who is drawn into photography but not professional.


Among the two options, well seasoned newborn photographers are usually charging high. On the other hand, the second option is affordable since a hobbyist has no professional experience. It is entirely up to you who to hire depending on your needs and the budget.

Here are some of the factors that you need to focus on when choosing this type of photography service:

(1) Style that you are drawn to

Not all professional and hobbyist baby photographers Houston have the same style of photographing a baby. The first thing that you need to check is the portfolio of the candidate. If most of the photos are well composed and meaningful to you then he or she might be the right baby photographer you are looking for. There are those who have high quality and technical photos yet do not establish emotional connection; do not hire them.

(2) Consistency

Whether it is a professional or a hobbyist for as long as the outputs have no consistency then it is an indicator that the service is bad. When you review the portfolio of the photographer, you should see a sense of continuity when it comes to style and quality. When you receive your baby photo album, you don’t want to see good photos on the first few pages and bad ones at the back. The quality should be even because you paid fairly as well.

(3) Art selection

According to most mothers, the most fun part of this service is the selection of the art. Since this is a baby photo album, it should look fun and creative. You don’t want to receive a photos album that is too boring and blunt. Most mothers prefer something creative when it comes to photo album and image box. Most of all, the prints should also be high quality.

Aside from baby photo albums, providers of newborn photography in Houston, TX may also give you other services like maternity photography. According to experts, there are three styles when it comes to this type of photography niche like creative, intimate and classic. Maternity photography is perfect for mothers who want to keep records of their pregnancy journey. For more information about this service, please consult your newborn photography provider ahead.

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Creative Wedding Photography

Working with a Family Photography Provider

Photographer2If there is one subcategory that most photographers are not specialized into, it is the bride’s family photography in Houston, TX. There are very few individuals who are doing family wedding shoots because in the first place the job is really challenging. Photographing a family is quite stressful if you have no experience since the skills used on this one are not by the book. You learn through experience.

When dealing with this service for the first time, it is imperative to ask questions. However, do you know what are the questions you should ask? If not, here are some of the things that you should ask the photographers:

How many families you have catered before?

You are not looking for a level 10 photographer here. Your goal is to hire a Houston family photography who has a decent experience. If you hire a well seasoned photographer then the service might be really too expensive. The most important part is the number of families the photographer has experienced covering before. When he or she has covered more families, it means that he or she has skills on how to handle a huge crowd. Aside from looking at the portfolio, the number of clients handled before should also appear on the resume.

Can you give references of your previous clients?

This is the most awkward part. And if your photographer gets awkward when asked then he or she must be hiding something fishy. If he or she has no history of bad performance, there will be no issue in terms of giving the list of clients. By talking to the provider’s previous clients, you can siphon some important information like the way the photographer work, personality, deliverables and many more.

Do you have a second shooter?

Shooting a group is difficult as there will be missed moments. In order to cover for the loss, it is better if the provider will offer second shooters. In this way, the album will provide different angles of the scene. If you are very particular with the staff technicalities, it is important to check ahead. If the contract says there is a second shooter, there should be one who will show up together with the main photographer in the event.

Do you have state of the art and backup equipments?

Like the regular type of photography, there is the need to always check if the provider will have backup equipments. The last thing that you should experience when undergoing a shoot is having technical issues. Since the shoot is mostly scheduled for an hour, you cannot afford to make the other family members wait as they might be busy as well. The staff should have an extra camera or battery at bay.

Do you have an affiliation?

Another important factor when hiring provider of bride’s family photography in Houston, TX is the affiliation. The standard affiliation that every photographer should have is with PPA or Professional Photographers of America.

Pixel Studio Productions
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Houston, TX 77005
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Engagement and Wedding Photographers

photoNowadays, wedding photographers are expected not only during the wedding day, but also during the engagement session. There are couples hiring separately for an engagement and wedding photographer. Probably, a friend offers photography service for free on your wedding or for your engagement photo shoot. If there is no friend who offers their service for free, you should search for wedding photographers in Fresno, CA that include engagement session in their packages.

Hiring a photographer who can take of your engagement and wedding photography is a practical move. Typically, engagement and wedding photography packages cost cheaper than hiring photographers for different sessions individually which you can save a lot of money especially when you plan to look for a stunning engagement ring.

To help your with your search for Fresno wedding photographers, here are a few you should consider. First on the list is Chris Geiger Photography.  They offer three standard packages and differ greatly in the number of hours the photography team can cover the event and in the items included. If you want Chris Geiger and his team to be your photographer for the engagement and on your wedding day, you should ask for their Diamond Package that costs for $5295.

Aside from the engagement photo session, they will be covering the wedding for up to 8 hours, including the video coverage from the ceremony to the reception. You get to have a copy of all the finished images and videos in a flash drive and a 30-page wedding album.

If you are looking for something cheaper, consider Captured by Candice. They have Deluxe Wedding Packages from $1995 up to $3995 and all of it includes an engagement photo session. You also get the chance to have a custom engagement-wedding package. Just talk to your preferred wedding photographers in Fresno, CA and find out the options that will be laid out in front of you.

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