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Engagement and Wedding Photographers

photoNowadays, wedding photographers are expected not only during the wedding day, but also during the engagement session. There are couples hiring separately for an engagement and wedding photographer. Probably, a friend offers photography service for free on your wedding or for your engagement photo shoot. If there is no friend who offers their service for free, you should search for wedding photographers in Fresno, CA that include engagement session in their packages.

Hiring a photographer who can take of your engagement and wedding photography is a practical move. Typically, engagement and wedding photography packages cost cheaper than hiring photographers for different sessions individually which you can save a lot of money especially when you plan to look for a stunning engagement ring.

To help your with your search for Fresno wedding photographers, here are a few you should consider. First on the list is Chris Geiger Photography.  They offer three standard packages and differ greatly in the number of hours the photography team can cover the event and in the items included. If you want Chris Geiger and his team to be your photographer for the engagement and on your wedding day, you should ask for their Diamond Package that costs for $5295.

Aside from the engagement photo session, they will be covering the wedding for up to 8 hours, including the video coverage from the ceremony to the reception. You get to have a copy of all the finished images and videos in a flash drive and a 30-page wedding album.

If you are looking for something cheaper, consider Captured by Candice. They have Deluxe Wedding Packages from $1995 up to $3995 and all of it includes an engagement photo session. You also get the chance to have a custom engagement-wedding package. Just talk to your preferred wedding photographers in Fresno, CA and find out the options that will be laid out in front of you.

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Elegant Wedding Ring

Wear the Perfect Engagement Ring

As a bride, do you want a surprised proposal or a formal engagement dinner to announce to your family? Whatever is your plan in your dress and hairstyle, the engagement ring must not be missed and but what kind of ring do you expect to have? Buying an engagement ring is a huge investment and it should be given much time and effort in order to find the perfect ring that matches your personality. To help your partner in shopping for the perfect one among the thousands of engagement rings in Long Island, NY, here are the effective ways.

Wedding RingReveal and you’ll get what you want
You probably know already some clever ways to get your partner’s attention to what you really want. From simply sharing to him of the rings from magazines on what you like to leaving some ring websites open, you will most likely get what you want. However, your partner will feel uncomfortable to shop and propose if you shamelessly show him a picture of an engagement ring you like.

Go on a ring shopping date
If you and your beau already discussed getting married, then try suggesting going on a ring shopping date. Or, you can express taking a look on different rings and he might just be interested to find out which engagement ring you like. It worked for some brides, so it might work on you too. Unless your partner is a traditionalist, he would go shopping on his own with photograph of sample ring.

Let someone go with him
Whether your friends or your sister, let him consult with them first if you are too reserved to point out the engagement ring you like. Your close friends and your family know you best. They can tell him what certain cut, size and band you prefer to have. Just for caution, let your partner ask you for hints rather than pressuring him to consult your friends.

These are only three of the clever yet effective for brides to have their desired engagement rings in Long Island, NY.

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Wedding Budget

What You Need Not to Worry About Planning?

As exciting as a wedding planning can be, it is also known as one of the stressful moment that you are going to encounter. It’s all too easy to lay awake at night worrying about your wedding and all the tasks you need to accomplish. Family dynamics can also become especially tense during this time, as well as pressure to adhere to certain traditions. But give yourself permission to stop worrying about some aspects of your wedding. These worries aren’t  worth your stress, so calm yourself down when it comes to these things:All About Wedding

DIY projects you swore to finish

After you first got engaged, you probably logged onto image-sharing websites and started madly pinning all of the adorable projects that would look amazing at your wedding. But if the stress of planning has begun to build, don’t force yourself to do any DIY projects that have started to feel more like a homework assignment. If you have plenty of time to complete the projects and are confident that finishing them will be fun, not stressful, then go for it. But there’s no need to force yourself to appliqué 200 place cards if it’s only going to make you more anxious.

Wondering if your bridesmaids will love their dresses

As long as the dresses fit well and don’t make your girls feel uncomfortable, then let any minor complaints or not-so-subtle requests for a different dress roll off your back. No, these might not be dresses every lady would have chosen for herself, but this is a time when your BFFs should be supportive of your style and tastes, not finagling for a dress in their favorite color or one that show off their favorite body parts. Once you’ve decided on dresses, check that item off your to-do list and don’t let unhappy bridesmaids’ guilt you into choosing a different design.

What your guests will think of the event’s non-traditional elements.

You and your fiancé were thrilled with your decision to hire food trucks instead of a caterer at first, but now doubts have started to creep in. What if grandma doesn’t approve or your know-it-all sister complains? Remember that this is a day to celebrate you and your style as a couple, not your relatives’, and you’re allowed to do whatever will make you happy. Have confidence in your decisions and get excited about introducing your guests to your favorite things.

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Loose Diamonds for Wedding

How to Purchase Quality Loose Diamonds for Wedding Jewelries

If you are planning to purchase loose diamonds, there are some things that you need to be aware of first. If you are not that familiar with diamonds, do some research first before you purchasing so that you can lessen eh chance of putting your money at risk. The following are some tips that will help you purchase high quality loose diamonds for wedding in Los Angeles, CA:

loose diamondsBefore anything else, you need to look for grading certificates. Loose diamonds that are for sale always comes with a grading certificate. The certificate is a detailed report regarding the color, carat, cut, clarity, dimension and shape of the diamond. The certificate should be given by a laboratory gemologist who will also determine the state as well as the imperfections that are found in the diamond. The documentation also serves as the identification card for the diamond which will also be used as a reference by insurance companies and customers. Avoid buying loose diamonds for wedding in Los Angeles, CA that is not equipped with legal certificates.

Another thing that you need to look for is the appraisal certificate of the diamond. This is considered as a more difficult document as compared to the grading certificate. Take note that diamonds are tradable in the market like any other commodity so it can be difficult to evaluate an exact value. The value of loose diamonds for wedding in Los Angeles, CA fluctuates based on the economical trends and well as the movement in the market. This is a compulsory prerequisite document that is important for insurance purposes. A qualified diamond company is the one to create the appraisal certificate.

Moreover, you will also be required to have the origin certificate. The worth of the diamonds is not merely judged by the aspects of the diamonds itself which means that there are worries over how the diamonds are mined. There are diamonds known as the blood diamonds which you should never lay hands on. The value for this kind of diamond can seem good and profitable if you can sell it but the prices will never increase because of the opposition of the masses towards the diamonds.

When purchasing loose diamonds for wedding in Los Angeles, CA, see to it that you consider the following tips. Due to high demand of diamonds in the industry, it is inevitable that fake diamonds will make its way into the market. You need to avoid purchasing blood diamonds by asking for the necessary legal documentations from the sellers. This way, you can rest assured that the loose diamonds you purchased are of the highest quality. Visit your local jewelry store and take a look at the wide array of loose diamonds that they are offering.

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Wedding Catering Services

Things to Look For in a Caterer

Selecting a decent food provider for your wedding is one decision that your visitors will without a doubt see and acknowledge, so it bodes well to hold a noteworthy piece of your wedding spending plan for this specific thing. Regardless of the possibility that you’re not meeting expectations with a gigantic spending plan in the first place, setting aside an ideal opportunity to choose the best cook that you can manage the cost of will make your gathering much more agreeable and noteworthy.

All About WeddingOnce you’ve invested some energy inquiring about cooking organizations online (or maybe you’ve gotten some informal suggestions from companions in the zone), you ought to anticipate meeting no less than two or three distinct food providers in individual, and calendar a tasting with every one if conceivable. A few food providers will charge for a tasting, however the cost is well justified, despite all the trouble in the event that you consider the measure of cash that may be spent on cooking generally speaking.

Likewise, inquire as to whether they have worked at your gathering venue some time recently, and additionally whether the nourishment will be arranged nearby (this is best) or offsite and after that warmed for the wedding.

Some vital things that ought to be spelled out in a last contract with the food provider include:

  •         Store and installment approach
  •         Cancelation approach
  •         A detailed portrayal of the administrations to be accommodated you’re wedding
  •         A general’s breakdown cost by expense per head for nourishment and drinks
  •         Number of on location providing food staff that will be at your wedding (rely on around one staff part for each ten visitors)
  •         An appraisal of the general tip charge
  •         Costs for hardware charges or different various expenses, if any

Tip: Certain seafood or meats are less costly relying upon the season of year, so you may have the capacity to spare some cash on sustenance basically by talking about this with your providing food chief or culinary specialist and after that picking your entrées appropriately.

Tip: Consider purchasing wine from a nearby vineyard as opposed to requesting it through your cook — numerous vineyards offer rebates when you purchase a case or more and this can give a critical funds to you contingent upon what number of visitors you expect.

Follow these simple tips for a better and more organized caterer at your wedding, minus the stress and the dysfunction.

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Couples Responsibilities

Does Your Husband Help You in Housekeeping?

Being the wife, it is common to be in charge of keeping the house. Nonetheless, it is not a very easy task no matter how you turn it all around. Making sure that the house is clean, there is food prepared on the table, there’s groceries, the laundry is done, there is someone to take care of the kids, and so on, being the wife and the mother is a full-time job without compensation.

weddingHowever, it is no wrong if the man will help a little bit when it comes to housekeeping. In fact, it does not make them less of a man like how others say. Men can also go out from their dress shirts and ties to wear an apron sometimes. Here is how you can make your husband cooperate with you doing the household chores.

Do the chores together – Marriage is a teamwork. It should also reflect on how you divide the tasks at home. Doing them together will let you finish the tasks faster. He can also use this as an opportunity to learn by imitating the thing that you do in keeping the home. From cleaning to cooking, you may not know that he can actually do a better job than you.

Teach him the basics – If he really is clueless when it comes to housekeeping, then you definitely should start with the basics. Teach him simple chores that he can learn fast and easily done. Cooking simple dishes for breakfast, maintaining the backyard, to doing the doing the laundry, everything can be learned if the teacher has the patience.

Compliment him – There is nothing better than being complimented to any good deed done. Praise your husband if he has accomplished a task very well. For starters, don’t expect that they would immediately be an expert in house keeping but you have to show gratitude for the effort.

Give him rewards – If their job was really impressive, you can motivate him more through rewards. He can be in charge of the cleaning while you will cook his favorite food for him. Be an inspiration to him!

Let him know about the advantages – Have talk with him and make sure that he knows how it would be more beneficial  for the both of you if he can also contribute in doing the household chores. What would happen if you are sick or injured? Or if you have an important appointment that there is none else to take car of the home? Remind him that it is not always you will be around to have them done.

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Wedding Registry Style

Adding Multi-purpose Cookware in the Registry

wedding registryIf you will have cookware in your wedding registry list, you want it to be versatile and functional. If your lifestyle is more focused in home improvement and cooking, the registries that will be mentioned below will be really helpful. When getting these registries, you can also avail recipes and some helpful information.

According to home economics experts, no matter how good or delicious the components of the dish are for as long as they are not prepared using the correct equipment the result becomes awful. To help you become versatile in cooking, here are some of the items that you should include in the registry plan:

Multi-cooker and slow cooker

Homeowners love slow cookers because they are used to come up with endless possibilities in the kitchen. If you have the chance, look for a slow cooker model that is at the same time multi-cooker for a much better functionality. The purpose of multi-cooker is to come up with dishes overnight quickly, cook brown meat, roast fish and even sauté sliced vegetables. With this wonderful tool in the kitchen, you can easily switch from another mode with just a single press of the button. The average cost of a multi-cooker is around $200 in the market.

Muffin pans

If you are an expert in the kitchen, you have always known that muffin pans are not only for cupcakes and muffins. In fact, this useful tool can perform multitasking; it can be able to help you make lasagna bites, omelets, crab cakes and other types of simple hors d’oeuvres. With this simple tool, you can prepare party foods in an instant.

Roast pan

For a price tag of a $100, roast pan is a catch in the kitchen. Have you ever thought of how your mom was able to come up delicious dishes during holidays, potlucks, parties and etc? Exactly, it is because of this roast pan. This roaster is one of the basic needs in the kitchen especially when you are planning to prepare turkey or chicken in the upcoming holiday. Not only that, this tool can also roast vegetables like onions, potatoes, beets, carrots and etc.

With the abovementioned tools, kitchen life becomes easy. You can concoct your favorite dish without exerting too much effort. Instead, you can channel your remaining energy into some other things at home. So, what are you waiting for? Include these registries in your plan!

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Wedding Jewelry Store

Wedding Jewelry Cleaning

Wedding Jewelry StoreDo you always visit the jewelry store to have your jewelries cleaned? There are people who allow no one else to touch their wedding jewelries for cleaning aside from the jewelry store consultant. This is great if you have the time and money because jewelry cleaning at Tiffany’s or at Charles Koll does not come cheap.

For this reason, owners and consultants of wedding jewelry stores in San Diego, CA share these tips on taking care jewelries. At the comfort of your homes, you can easily clean your jewelries with warm water and mild soap. Any piece of jewelry can be fee from grime and dirt when washed with washed with clean water and polished with a soft cloth. There are tricks in cleaning jewelries and to avoid tarnishing, especially on silver and gold jewelries. Dry the jewelries first with soft cloth before placing it back to its storage boxes. If you notice hard-to-remove dirt in your San Diego jewelry, especially those with intricate details, it is ideal to use a soft toothbrush for cleaning. After washing the ring or necklace with water and mild soap, try brushing softly the jewelry and see if the dirt is removed. If not, you can check with your jeweler to have it cleaned thoroughly.

There are jewelry stores that provide care instructions for the jewelry bought from their store. For instance you bought diamond wedding rings at Tiffany’s; you will find a provided special care instructions with picture and details for the ring to ensure it will last longer. Rings also do come in a special box, so avoid storing the ring with your other jewelry pieces. When it is time to go to bed, it is highly recommended to remove any jewelry you are wearing.

The same thing applies when participating in strenuous activities, whether at home or at work. You do not know when you will be exposed to a harsh environment and chemicals that can damage or scratch the jewelry you are wearing. Ask the wedding jewelry stores in San Diego, CA and they will tell you how sweat or perspiration can affect jewelries.

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